English 2/Seminar 2--
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In The Time of the Butterflies/What Causes People to Rise Up?--Daily Presentation
Don't quite understand? Read these summaries: A+

Julius Caesar--Daily presentation. Most of your assignments and notes are linked to this presentation. You must be signed in to your CPS Google account to access this. 

The Odyssey:  Our Daily Powerpoint HereThe Whole Book,
Assignments: Episode Tracker
Videos: Video: The Odyssey Clash of the GodsProfile of OdysseusGreek Gods and GoddessesCrash course of the whole book60 Second RecapAnimated Odyssey1997 Movie Version
Audio: Book 1Book 5Book 9Book 10Book 11Book 12Book 21Book 22Book 23
Simplified Versions: Mythweb, Shmoop, SparkNotes 

Survey of Literature/American Literature--
Access Practice: Access these three links!
ACCESS 2.0 Test DemoTest PracticeView Sample Items

Unit 2: The Great Gatsby--Daily PowerPoint (Sign into your CPS Google account)
The Book, Your packet
Summaries: SparknotesCliffsnotesGradesaverWikipedia
Helpful Videos: 60 Second Recap, Spark Notes Summary, 1974 Movie,
Audio Book: The Original Text
Companion Readings and Art
Research Project Resources: Foreman Research Databases, Safari Montage, Google Image Search, citefast.com, How to write summaries to go along with your picturesSample Project

Unit 1: The Scarlet Letter--Daily PowerPoint
Research Project: Sample Project with Resources

Word Presentations: Meriam Webster Dictionary, Dictionary.com,  Online Etymology DictionaryOxidSynonym.ComWiktionary.org  Thesaurus.com, Packet, Organizer for presentation, Word Assignments: List 2, List 3, List 4, List 5, List 6, List 7

Dracula/Writing the Essay: Unit Calendar

Frankenstein/Writing About Literature/What is Monstrous?

The Kite Runner
Essay Resources: Understanding the Question, Companion Readings: Are Some Humans Born EvilResilience GeneNature vs. Nurture in Psychology

Things Fall Apart
Anticipation GuideCharacter Map,  Ibo Society Two Column ChartImportant Character ChartCharacter Traits List
Literature Circle Role Sheets and Notes: Notes,  Planning GuideQuestion AskerPassage PickerArtistConnectorCharacter Captain
Final Essay: Note-Taking ScaffoldEssay Assignment

Things Fall Apart
Resources: Daily Announcements
Anticipation GuideCharacter Map,  Ibo Society Two Column ChartImportant Character ChartCharacter Traits List
Literature Circle Role Sheets and Notes: Notes,  Planning GuideQuestion AskerPassage PickerArtistConnectorCharacter Captain
Final Essay: Note-Taking ScaffoldEssay Assignment

In The Time of the Butterflies Resources (Some from previous years)
Don't quite understand? Read these summaries: A+
Project Resources: Mr. Wankoff's Sample Project,  
Student Projects from 5th/6th: 

Essay Resources: AssignmentBrainstormingIntroduction OutlineMEL-Con OutlineCounterargument OutlineConclusion, Reminders

Learning about Trujillo, the Mirabal Sisters, The Dominican Republic, and other background:The Miribal Sisters from ColonialzoneThe Miribal Sisters from "Learning to Question,Wikipedia on the Mirabal Sisters,  Wikipedia article on Trujillo,   BBC Country Profile  
Audio and Video Resources for ITTOTBPRX Radio StoryThe Story of the Mirabal Sisters AARPMovie Trailer 
Cover Page
Resources: Character Chart/Character Map, List of Character Traits
Before Reading: Time Magazine ArticleAnticipation Guide/Theme ListMethods of Authoritarian ControlWhat Leads People to Rise Up?
Reading Questions and Journals: Chapter 1, Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8, Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Epilogue
Group QuizesAfter Chapter 4After Chapter 6After Chapter 8After Chapter 10,
Old Midterm Assignment: AssignmentMEL-Con OutlinesRubric
Old Final Assignment: AssignmentPowerPoint Creation Checklist,  Rubric

The Odyssey


English 1/W.A.O.C.
Romeo and Juliet Resources
Project Overview*Project Resources from the Foreman Library*, Research Report
Movie Versions: Gnomeo and Juliet,  Spark Notes Video SummaryBBC Animated Version
Listen and Read: Audiobo

Survey and American Literature for ESL Syllabus, Interactive Notebook

How to complete your project
Step 1: Review your notes from student presentations and think about the characters in your novel. Then complete the journal on page 14 in your packet.
Step 2: Gather information from your book and from research and enter it onto page 15 of you packet. Elaborate while you are doing this.
Step 3: Complete your main idea.
Step 4: Write a rough draft of your paragraph or essay. (See outlines below).
Step 5: Consult your rubric to make sure you have completed the assignment correctly.
Step 6: Peer edit.
Step 6: Make changes, recopy, and hand it in.

Links to help with your project Research Links: 
Foreman High School Research Pages--We used these to make our presentations.
Scholastic Immigration Website--Used earlier in the quarter.
Japanese Immigration:
Timelines of Immigration: http://www.tolerance.org/supplement/timeline,  http://www.janm.org/projects/inrp/english/overview.htm
Internment Camps http://www.pbs.org/childofcamp/history/timeline.html
Immigration Presentations
Effects of 9/11 on Immigrants
Japanese Immigration
Undocumented Immigrants at Work
Charts of Immigration By Country
Latin American Immigration
MELCon, Essay, and Citations Help
MEL-Con Outline
Essay Outlines
ACTS, Introduction Presentation
STAC, Conclusions Presentation
How to Cite Presentation
Son of Citation Machine--makes the citation for you but you have to check it.

English 1 & Written and Oral Communication

English 1

Poems: Look up unfamiliar words, circle key words, divide into sections, explain the parts, give main idea, tell how you know.
The Storyteller


A Raisin In The Sun: Daily Announcements

Speech SyllabusLink to Google Documents Notes
Sample Speeches
1AC: Singapore Home Schools, Gun Violence, Drugs, Animal Testing

English 1 Syllabus, Daily Announcements

Main Ideas and Support:

To Kill a Mockingbird, Classroom, Conversation, Questioning/Inference


Unit 1: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian/Learning about Literature
Summaries: Schmoop, enotes, bookrags 
Videos:  Student Video on Spokane Indians, Reservation ViewsAmerican Indian Living In Desperate PovertySherman Alexie at the Texas Book Festival,  Racism: The Way We See It: Part 1, Part 2,  Savage Country: American Indian Sports Mascots: Part 1,    
Assignments: CoverAnticipation Guide, Character Map, Challenges and Choices, Cornell NotesChapter Questions, Final Assignment

 Frankenstein/Writing About Literature/What is Monstrous?

Unit CalendarHow You Will Be Graded
As We Read: Preview ActivityAnticipation GuideSocratic Seminar PreparationSeminar Cornell Notes,  Bloom's Questions,
Clipboard Project
MEL-Cons and Final EssayCharacteristics of a Vampire Note-takingGathering Facts for Your Essay,  MEL-Con OutlineMEL-Con Rubric,  ACTS OutlineSTAC OutlineEssay Rubric
Need Help Understanding? Spark Notes, Shmoop, Cliffs Notes, Character List, Character Map
Background Information: The Victorians,
Maps: Map 1, Wikimaps Map,
Companion Articles: The Type-Writer Girl,

English 1 SyllabusInteractive Notebook
To Kill a Mockingbird, Classroom, Conversation, Questioning/Inference

Romeo and Juliet
Full Text of The Play On Line, Listen and Read
Need Help? Try These: SparknotesCliff's NotesBarron's BooknotesBookRags.comClassicNotes
Other School's Romeo and Juliet Activities: Mrs. Lettiere's Class,
Shakespearean Baseball

A Raisin In The Sun
Need Help Understanding? Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes, Shmoop, Symbolism in A Raisin In The Sun
Videos, Poems, and Articles in the Unit: The Golden Door 1, 2, Up South,  Eyes on the Prize,  Plessy vs. Ferguson (Article), Plessy vs. Ferguson Video, The Great MigrationLangston Hughes Documentary,  Lorraine Hansbury Documentary,