English 2/Argument and Debate:
Daily Announcements--This what I show every day in class. Find links to your assignments here. You must be signed in to your CPS Google account to view.
Grammar--Lost on Grammar? Try this website

In The Time of the Butterflies Resources (Some from previous years)
Don't quite understand? Read these summaries: A+
Project Resources: Mr. Wankoff's Sample Project,  
Student Projects from 5th/6th: 

Essay Resources: Assignment, Brainstorming, Introduction Outline, MEL-Con Outline, Counterargument Outline, Conclusion, Reminders

Learning about Trujillo, the Mirabal Sisters, The Dominican Republic, and other background:The Miribal Sisters from ColonialzoneThe Miribal Sisters from "Learning to Question,Wikipedia on the Mirabal Sisters,  Wikipedia article on Trujillo,   BBC Country Profile  
Audio and Video Resources for ITTOTB: PRX Radio Story, The Story of the Mirabal Sisters AARP, Movie Trailer 
Cover Page
Resources: Character Chart/Character Map, List of Character Traits
Before Reading: Time Magazine ArticleAnticipation Guide/Theme ListMethods of Authoritarian ControlWhat Leads People to Rise Up?
Reading Questions and Journals: Chapter 1, Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8, Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Epilogue
Group QuizesAfter Chapter 4After Chapter 6After Chapter 8After Chapter 10,
Old Midterm Assignment: AssignmentMEL-Con OutlinesRubric
Old Final Assignment: AssignmentPowerPoint Creation Checklist,  Rubric

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Word Presentations: Meriam Webster Dictionary, Dictionary.com,  Online Etymology DictionaryOxidSynonym.ComWiktionary.org  Thesaurus.com, Packet, Organizer for presentation, Assignments: List 2, List 3
MEL-Con Mini Unit: 10/31-11/6  

Frankenstein/Writing About Literature/What is Monstrous?

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The Odyssey


English 1/W.A.O.C.
Romeo and Juliet Resources
Project Overview*Project Resources from the Foreman Library*, Research Report
Movie Versions: Gnomeo and Juliet,  Spark Notes Video SummaryBBC Animated Version
Listen and Read: Audiobo

Survey and American Literature for ESL Syllabus, Interactive Notebook

How to complete your project
Step 1: Review your notes from student presentations and think about the characters in your novel. Then complete the journal on page 14 in your packet.
Step 2: Gather information from your book and from research and enter it onto page 15 of you packet. Elaborate while you are doing this.
Step 3: Complete your main idea.
Step 4: Write a rough draft of your paragraph or essay. (See outlines below).
Step 5: Consult your rubric to make sure you have completed the assignment correctly.
Step 6: Peer edit.
Step 6: Make changes, recopy, and hand it in.

Links to help with your project Research Links: 
Foreman High School Research Pages--We used these to make our presentations.
Scholastic Immigration Website--Used earlier in the quarter.
Japanese Immigration:
Timelines of Immigration: http://www.tolerance.org/supplement/timeline,  http://www.janm.org/projects/inrp/english/overview.htm
Internment Camps http://www.pbs.org/childofcamp/history/timeline.html
Immigration Presentations
Effects of 9/11 on Immigrants
Japanese Immigration
Undocumented Immigrants at Work
Charts of Immigration By Country
Latin American Immigration
MELCon, Essay, and Citations Help
MEL-Con Outline
Essay Outlines
ACTS, Introduction Presentation
STAC, Conclusions Presentation
How to Cite Presentation
Son of Citation Machine--makes the citation for you but you have to check it.

English 1 & Written and Oral Communication

English 1

Poems: Look up unfamiliar words, circle key words, divide into sections, explain the parts, give main idea, tell how you know.
The Storyteller


A Raisin In The Sun: Daily Announcements

Speech SyllabusLink to Google Documents Notes
Sample Speeches
1AC: Singapore Home Schools, Gun Violence, Drugs, Animal Testing

English 1 Syllabus, Daily Announcements

Main Ideas and Support:

To Kill a Mockingbird, Classroom, Conversation, Questioning/Inference


Unit 1: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian/Learning about Literature
Summaries: Schmoop, enotes, bookrags 
Videos:  Student Video on Spokane Indians, Reservation ViewsAmerican Indian Living In Desperate PovertySherman Alexie at the Texas Book Festival,  Racism: The Way We See It: Part 1, Part 2,  Savage Country: American Indian Sports Mascots: Part 1,    
Assignments: CoverAnticipation Guide, Character Map, Challenges and Choices, Cornell NotesChapter Questions, Final Assignment

Unit 1: The Scarlet Letter/Learning about Literature

 Frankenstein/Writing About Literature/What is Monstrous?

Unit CalendarHow You Will Be Graded
As We Read: Preview ActivityAnticipation GuideSocratic Seminar PreparationSeminar Cornell Notes,  Bloom's Questions,
Clipboard Project
MEL-Cons and Final EssayCharacteristics of a Vampire Note-takingGathering Facts for Your Essay,  MEL-Con OutlineMEL-Con Rubric,  ACTS OutlineSTAC OutlineEssay Rubric
Need Help Understanding? Spark Notes, Shmoop, Cliffs Notes, Character List, Character Map
Background Information: The Victorians,
Maps: Map 1, Wikimaps Map,
Companion Articles: The Type-Writer Girl,

English 1 SyllabusInteractive Notebook
To Kill a Mockingbird, Classroom, Conversation, Questioning/Inference

Romeo and Juliet
Full Text of The Play On Line, Listen and Read
Need Help? Try These: SparknotesCliff's NotesBarron's BooknotesBookRags.comClassicNotes
Other School's Romeo and Juliet Activities: Mrs. Lettiere's Class,
Shakespearean Baseball

A Raisin In The Sun
Need Help Understanding? Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes, Shmoop, Symbolism in A Raisin In The Sun
Videos, Poems, and Articles in the Unit: The Golden Door 1, 2, Up South,  Eyes on the Prize,  Plessy vs. Ferguson (Article), Plessy vs. Ferguson Video, The Great MigrationLangston Hughes Documentary,  Lorraine Hansbury Documentary,